Koboi's living carbon products are crafted to the standards of quality. We harness the power of advanced graphite materials to bring you durable, long-lasting items that stand up to the demands of modern living. Our graphite products for energy-efficient living undergo rigorous testing to ensure they exceed your expectations in terms of performance and longevity.


Whether you're a passionate home cook, a busy professional, or someone who values convenience, living carbon for eco-friendly solutions has a place in your life. The rice cooker with graphite heat conduction technology guarantee perfectly cooked grains with minimal energy usage. The graphite box for high-temperature applications keeps your meals fresh and flavorful, eliminating the need for single-use containers. Explore the possibilities of graphite bakeware that heats evenly, bakes flawlessly, and simplifies your culinary adventures.


Embrace a greener lifestyle without compromising on quality, convenience, or style. Elevate your everyday living with Koboi's high-performance graphite products for eco-friendly solutions.