Through years of accumulated experience, excellent product quality, and honest management, Koboi has been affirmed by customers in various industries. Using high-quality high purity graphite, isostatic graphite, imported graphite materials, and specialty graphite for EDM, our products have high processing precision and good high-temperature resistance. 


You can find carbon-carbon composite materials, graphite paper, graphite carbon felt, high-temperature resistant carbon rope, temperature treatment graphite products, photovoltaic industry graphite products, graphite for non-ferrous metal processing, graphite products for automobile/mechanical industries, and more at Koboi. 


With advanced CNC machining centers, large-scale sawing machines, large-scale milling machines, wire-cutting equipment, and high-temperature furnaces for processing special materials, we can well meet customer requirements. We look forward to providing you with comprehensive overall solutions, high-performance graphite products, and services.