Which companies are graphite products mainly used in?

Mar 09 , 2023

Graphite products made according to the characteristics of graphite materials are widely used.

1. Carbon-graphite products for electronic semiconductor industry

Semiconductor graphite mold, fuel cell deflector, graphite substrate, graphite pad for silicon rod cutting, graphite lining for electron beam evaporation, graphite boat for glass metal packaging, graphite for electronic sintering mold, graphite parts for ion implantation, single crystal furnace With graphite thermal field etc.

2. Carbon-graphite products for high temperature treatment of industrial furnaces

Various heating elements used in large industrial furnaces or vacuum furnaces, heating chambers, hearths, heating pipes, brackets, connecting plates, regulating plates, connectors, conductive rod joints, heaters, heat insulation chambers, trays, firing boxes , graphite disc, etc.

3. Carbon-graphite products for sintering molds of diamond tools

Specific products include: graphite combination mold, clay mold, gauge ring and nozzle rod for oil drill bit

4. Carbon-graphite products for non-ferrous metal smelting and processing

Specific products include: graphite crucible, graphite boat, precision casting graphite mold, molten gold crucible, graphite shunt, graphite sleeve, graphite crystallizer, flow nozzle, crucible for welding metal cables, agitator for degassing, rotor rod and impeller.

5. Carbon-graphite products for machinery industry

The specific products include: graphite seal dynamic ring, seal static ring, graphite bearing, lubricating column, graphite blade, mechanical seal parts impregnated with various metals or resins.

6. Special carbon-graphite products for chemical equipment, silicon carbide furnace and graphitization furnace

Fine-structure graphite electrodes and square bricks for chemical equipment, silicon carbide furnaces, and graphitization furnaces

Fine-grain graphite square bricks are used as lining and conductive materials for metallurgical furnaces such as silicon carbide furnaces and graphitization furnaces, as well as impermeable graphite heat exchangers for chemical equipment and graphite molds.

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